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Routes in Groningen

A Bike-ride menu (Fietsmenu) is the way to get to know the peace and quiet of the Groningen countryside with its small cycle paths and quiet roads, the unique mounded villages, the listed farmhouses and the Groningen hospitality. We invite you to cycle one of these routes.

You determine the speed of the routes yourself, it is your day out.

Fietsmenu has designed five fabulous routes, each with its own identity.

Bike-ride menu (Fietsmenu) – Reitdiep route (+/- 40 km)

When you cycle in the Reitdiep area you cannot deny the overwhelming sense of peace and quiet. This area is the oldest cultural landscape in Western Europe and has a long history. Mounds, dykes, locks and windy roads tell the story of 2600 years of habitation. If you love nature, this one is for you.

Experience the atmosphere of Reitdiep

Bike-ride menu (Fietsmenu) – Middag Humsterland route (+/- 40 km)

Middag-Humsterland is the name of the national landscape of the province of Groningen. It consists of the regions Middag and Humsterland, untouched farmland and the oldest cultural landscape in the Netherlands. The roads wind their way through the countryside and you can see for miles. Raised above the land you discover historic farmhouses, manor houses and churches.

View the broadcast about Middag – Humsterland

Bike-ride menu (Fietsmenu) – Earthquake route (+/- 60 km)

In recent years there have been many discussions about the earthquakes in Groningen. Fietsmenu is not looking to show you the misery, instead we’d like to show the beauty of this fascinating area. You cycle through picturesque villages and through open and expansive areas of farmland and pastures.

Experience the area on a bike

Bike-ride menu (Fietsmenu) – lake Lauwersmeer route (+/- 50 km)

One of the most beautiful and unspoilt nature areas in the northern part of Groningen. This is where mud flats, mounds and woods and National Park Lauwersmeer create Lauwersland. Here you visit nature – peace, quiet, beautiful skies, special animals – be surprised by this exceptional region. 

Website Nationaal park Lauwersmeer

Bike-ride menu (Fietsmenu) – Ode to silence route (+/- 45 km)

The slogan of De Marne council is ‘here you can still hear silence’. For Fietsmenu this was reason to plot a route in one of the quietest areas with least air and light pollution in the Netherlands. You cycle through a flat and unusual landscape, along salt marshes and over dykes with plenty of nature’s beauty and ear-deafening silence.

Experience Westpolder here

Many of the cycle routes come through De Marne council. Fietsmenu believes it is the only local authority in the Netherlands without roundabouts, traffic lights, high-voltage masts or motorways.

For more information and bookings: info@fietsmenu.nl or call +31 (0)595-571598 | +31 (0)6-33319752.